Emmy Nominated Actor Visits Sullivan Middle

Richard Cabral

On Wednesday February 3, 2016 Sullivan Middle School hosted Emmy-Nominated actor Mr. Richard Cabral. Using dramatic monologue, he spoke of his life as a gangmember and drug user whose life was changed as he recognized the lies that society was feeding him. Today Mr. Cabral is a highly acclaimed movie actor and poet. SMS students, faculty, staff, parents, and community partners listened with rapt attention and showed their appreciation with thunderous applause at the close. We would like to share our special day with you.

"Listen to your inner voice my friends, believe that you are great. Even though no one may tell you, believe it anyhow. Because you are!" - Richard Cabral

"There is a reason we become what we become. It is not our fault, the life we are born into. It is not our fault the lies we were told as children. We are taught to think a certain way, we are taught to talk a certain way. We are even influenced to dress a certain way. Everything we have learned has been passed on to us. While telling you this, I also say, you don’t have to continue this way." – RichardCabral

"Mr. Cabral's presentation was perfectly engaging. He was very relevant and delivered some hard truths wrapped in hope and encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and judging by the silent attention of the students I would say they did as well." – Mrs. Tammie Smith, Grade 7 teacher